Sculpted by Betombo Tanjaka, an artist native to the island of Nosey Be (Madagascar) creates these plaques with intense detail. The standard size is 30 x 15 x 1.3 cm and weighing in at 600g. They are created with hard wood from Madagascar each plaque can be personalized by the customers choosing. It is also possible to sculpt a plaque with the size of 15 x 50 or 60 cm with a logo and characters.
The wood being used is not an endangered species.

The artistic product is the result of the native population of Nosy Be. Utilizing what the land has to offer. The species of the wood ebony or rose wood, and other high quality wood is the absolute best people can use, to create a Ham Plaque, decorations for the house, or local jewellery. Its extremely impressive the accuracy of the engravings done by the local artists in this area.

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